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New Phase Detector that assures absolute safety through non-contact measurement In order to detect line phase, Other models has to be connected by attaching clips directly to high-voltage electrified metallic objects in switchboards or connectors. Depending on the location, attaching the clips can be difficult and present safety hazards. In addition, reliable measurements may result if the metallic objects are not completely clean.


To resolve these issues, the new Hioki 3129 clips over the outside of conductors' insulation, enabling safe and easy phase detection at any point along the conductors. Four LEDs light in sequence to clearly indicate phase relationships even in dark environments, and positive or reverse phases can be indicated both visually and by an audible beeper.


The clips attach to conductors of up to 17 mm diameter at voltages between 100 and 600 V. To avoid battery depletion worries in the event that the operator neglects to turn the detector off, an auto-power-off feature turns it off about 15 minutes after turn-on. Continuous operating time on two common AA batteries is as long as 70 hours.


  • Magnetic adapter, Fixable to distribution boards.

  • Top "primary supply level" safety class rating for phase detectors.

  • CAT III 600V design meets CE Mark qualifications.

  • Provides both visual and audible phase detection.

  • Detects phase on insulated conductors.

  • Auto power-off function prevents inadvertent battery discharge.

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