Dry Block Temperature Calibrator

(GE-Druck DBC 650TC)

The DBC TC temperature calibrator adds electrical measurement capabilities for RTDs, thermocouples, mA, mV/V and ohms. 24V loop power is also provided. The dual parameter display is quickly configured from the input/output menu to read the reference temperature, the device output and the error. This is a self-contained temperature calibration system for stand-alone operation.


  • Ranges from -45°° to +650°.

  • Rapid heating, cooling and setting.

  • Automatic switch test.

  • Reads set temperature and device output simultaneously.

  • Measures reference probe, RTD's, T/C's mA, mV and ohms.

  • Switch test, Ramp, step and preset functions.

  • Automated calibration via RS 232.


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