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The HIOKI DC SIGNAL SOURCE SS7012 can be used not only for instrumentation system (4-20 mA) maintenance, but also for maintaining and servicing thermostatic devices, distributors, and industrial meters, as well as for evaluating electronic circuits and devices, and for production facility maintenance.


The signal source also supplies thermoelectromotive force corresponding to eight types of thermocouples. Furthermore, this compact DC signal source simultaneously sources and measures signals.


  • Improve stability and reduce calibration costs compared with the previous HIOKI model.

  • For Instrumentation systems (4 - 20 mA) and loop testing.

  • Check temperature control equipment and electric distribution.

  • 8 types of thermocouples to test thermoelectric power generation.

  • Ideal for electrical device testing and routine maintenance of production equipment such as calibrators.

  • Use the max. 25 mA DC sink as an electric load.

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