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Substation & Power Transformers Testing

Powerserv has a wide range of electrical test equipment that supports commissioning of all components of (GIS) and (AIS) substations up to 500KV. Our team of specialists provides efficient testing and commissioning services for the following substation main systems and equipments:

  • Circuit breaker testing (function, timing, contact resistance, contact travel distance)

  • Power transformer up to 500MVA and 500kV testing

    • Insulation resistance.

    • Turns ratio.

    • Vector group.

    • Dissipation factor .

    • Winding DC resistance.

    • Mechanical equipment function test (pressure relief, buchholz, temperature sensors, level switches).

    • Tap changer function test.

    • Control panel and cooling system function test.

  • Shunt reactors, capacitor banks & auxiliary transformers.

  • Current and potential transformers testing.

    • Turns ratio.

    • Polarity test.

    • CT Excitation curve.

    • Winding resistance.

    • Secondary burden measurements.

    • CT Circuit continuity.

  • Grounding system testing.

  • AC distribution board.

  • DC chargers, battery system and DC distribution.

  • Control panels, fault and sequence of event recorder.

  • Protection relays & control panels factory testing, site training and factory training.

  • Cables continuity, insulation resistance and Hi Pot test as applicable.

  • Systems interfacing, stability, scheme, function and overall interlocking.

  • SAS Substation Automation System and SCADA.

  • Fire fighting and HVAC system.

Our substation and transformer testing and commissioning teams are experienced with equipment from different manufacturers i.e. ABB, Siemens, GE, ALSTOM, Schneider.

Contact Powerserv today to discuss your substation testing or power plant commissioning requirements.

Powerserv specialists provides efficient testing, commissioning services for substation systems, equipments Power transformer
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