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Primary Test System for Substation Equipment

  • This primary current injection testing system is designed to perform primary tests requested in substations commissioning. It allows to perform accurate tests on CTs, VTs, PTs and ground grid.

  • Primary injection testing capabilities up to 3000 A with the optional module BUX 3000.

  • Power dissipation factor test with the optional module TD 5000 (voltage up to 12 kV).



  • Test of Current Transformer:

    • CT ratio and polarity voltage method.

    • CT ratio, polarity and burden current method.

    • CT burden secondary side.

    • CT excitation curve.

    • Winding resistance.

    • Voltage withstand.

    • Power factor, capacitance and tan delta.

  • Test Of Voltage Transformer:

    • VT ratio and polarity.

    • VT burden.

    • Voltage withstand.

    • Remote polarity check.

    • Power factor, capacitance and tan delta.

  • Test of Power Transformer:

    • Ratio per tap.

    • Static and dynamic winding resistance and tap changer test.

    • No-load current.

    • Short-circuit impedance.

    • Power factor, capacitance and tan delta.

  • Ground Resistivity and Resistance:

    • Soil resistivity.

    • Ground grid resistance.

    • Step and touch voltages.

    • Line impedance.

  • Circuit Breaker Testing:

    • Contact resistance DC.

    • Power factor, capacitance and Tan Delta.

Powerserv test sts 5000 requested in substations commissioning perform accurate tests Current, Voltage, Power Transformer
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