Operation and Maintenance Platform

PowerServ Operation and Maintenance Platform is the Egyptian Power Sector O&M services provider. 

It provides a one-stop-shop for all power systems O&M services.  It covers Power Generation, Transmission Networks and Substations O&M Services.  


  1. Power Transmission Networks and Substations O&M Services read more

  2. QA/QC testing and inspection services, read more

  3. Mobile laboratory for pressure & temp. instrument calibration, read more

  4. Staffing services for power generation O&M, through our sister company EGYPTROL Staffing

  5. Power Transformers testing, insulation resistance, turns ratio, vector group, dissipation factor, DC resistance, circuit breaker testing, read more 

  6. Condition Based Monitoring equipment / systems and laser alignment, through our partners

  7. Supply, troubleshoot, test and repair of control systems/DCS circuit boards, through our partners 

  8. Internal protection of power station chimneys, through our partners

  9. Hydraulic systems services, through our partners

  10. GT & ST overhaul specialists, execution teams, tools and equipment

  11. OEM-alternative T/G full-service, parts, and repairs, through our partners

  12. Boiler & HRSG overhaul specialists, execution teams, tools and equipment

  13. Resolve critical service valve problems, through our partners 

  14. Valve maintenance and replacement  

  15. Rotating equipment alignment


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21 Honin Ibn Ishak Street, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt
Tel:  +2 02 2080 0466  
Fax: +2 02 2080 0382

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Operation and Maintenance Services

Operation and maintenance platform of Powerserv